The picture above shows a homemade palte of one of the most famous mexican plates, “Enchiladas”. There are a couple easy steps to make this delicous plate.You will need corn tortillas,  ancho chilies, your choos4e of cooking oil and queso fresco(chesse), onion, sour cream, lettuce.Now lets get started.


1.Put the ancho chille to boil for 15-20 minuates on the stove.

2. Once the chiles are done cooking place it in the blender.

3.Add about 1 cup of water inside the blender and also add the ancho chiles and blend untill it is in a liquidy form make sure to add a dash of salt.

4.Get your corn tortillas and dip it inside the blended chille.

5.place the torilla now dipped in chille inside a pan with a little bit of oil.

6.let the tortilla cook on one side for about 2-3 minutes.

7.once cooked you could add ur chopped onions,lettuce, sour cream, and chesse.

Another great thing to add to your tasty enchiladas would be chicken.


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