Mexican Heritage:Guadalajara,Jalisco

InCatedraldeGuadalajara[1] todays blog im going to change up things -.- im going to be talking about some mexican heritage. To be spicific im going to be talking about Guadalajara,Jalisco.A small town couple minutes away from the guadalajara.Guadalajara is one of mexico’s biggest city. It is the birthplace of mariachi music and tequila.An amazing retirement place in this state is lake chapla.LAke chapla is mexicos largest fresh water lake.In the middle of guadalajara is the catheral.It is surrounded by the plaza.Guadalajara is an amazing place to go and visit.

Authentic Mexican Rice

The Picture shows Authentic Mexican Rice With Vegetables Added

The Picture shows Authentic Mexican Rice With Vegetables Added

A great side dish to make with any of your food is the authentic Mexican rice.It takes up can take up to about 20-30 minutes to make.It is a great dish to add when you are making any other dish like chicken, carne asada, or any other dish.With these easy steps you can easily make Mexican rice to eat.Yum!

Ingredients:2-4Tomatoes,2-3 cups of white rice,1-2 garlics, Knorr-caldo de tomate(or another brand that you may prefer),Mazola Oil(or prefered oil),Salt,half an onion,canned or frozen vegtables


1.fry your white rice in a pan with oil untill it is a golden brown color.Make  no to fry it too much or it will burn but do not under fry it because your rice at the end it will be uncolored rice which you would not want.

2.Slice the tomatoes into 4 peices (do the same with onion)

3.while the rice is frying or even after your are done frying it put the sliced tomatoes  garlic,and onion in a blender half way filled with water.

4.Add a teaspoon of knorr caldo de tomate to the blender containing your ingredients.

5.Blend everything untill it is no longer solids and everything is very well blended.

6.turn your stove (with rice pan on top) to about a medium and add your blended contends to the rice.Thenturn your heat up to high.

7.if you are adding vegtables to your  rice this would be the good time to do so.

8.wait untill all the liquid inside your rice has evaporated and the rice is dry.Make sure to taste your rice if it needs salt or if it is a little too hard.If your rice is not soft add a cup of water and let it sit on medium fire until it is evaporated again.

and there you go you have accomplished making your authentic

Awsome Dish That You Could Add To Your Rice.

Pico De Gallo

Here Are A Couple Easy Steps to make pico de gallo.This is a good chip dip that is easy to make and really tasty.

ingredients: Cilantro,Onions,Tomatoes,limon,salt,tortilla chips


1.chop onions,cilantro,tomatoes

2.add lime juice to your choped onions:

3.salt is optional if you think it is necessarily.


The picture above shows a homemade palte of one of the most famous mexican plates, “Enchiladas”. There are a couple easy steps to make this delicous plate.You will need corn tortillas,  ancho chilies, your choos4e of cooking oil and queso fresco(chesse), onion, sour cream, lettuce.Now lets get started.


1.Put the ancho chille to boil for 15-20 minuates on the stove.

2. Once the chiles are done cooking place it in the blender.

3.Add about 1 cup of water inside the blender and also add the ancho chiles and blend untill it is in a liquidy form make sure to add a dash of salt.

4.Get your corn tortillas and dip it inside the blended chille. the torilla now dipped in chille inside a pan with a little bit of oil.

6.let the tortilla cook on one side for about 2-3 minutes.

7.once cooked you could add ur chopped onions,lettuce, sour cream, and chesse.

Another great thing to add to your tasty enchiladas would be chicken.